Is your software ready for localization?

Software Localization Monopoly

So you want people from all around the world to use and understand your software…

…but how to achieve that?

Which format should I use?

For web projects for example this can be:

For mobile projects for example this can be:

For system apps for example this can be:

Do you hardcode text strings in the source code?

Can the order of variables in localized strings be changed?

Does the interface allow for long translations?

Do you use unique string IDs?

What about fonts? Who selects their types and sizes in the software?

How are date, time, currency, and numbers displayed?


What encoding do you use for your text assets?

Do the art assets of your software UI have text?

Did you put the original text through a spelling, grammar, and style check?

Do you use a tracking system?

What file formats are you sending for translation work?

Where are the localization assets?

Do you intend to have the texts translated into more than one language?

How do you track which language is fully translated?

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