You may already know how to properly internationalize a client side application, like described in this React based tutorial, this Angular based tutorial or this Vue based tutorial.

In this blog post we will shed light on the server side.

Why do I need to handle i18n in my application’s backend?

Think of all user faced content not directly rendered in your browser…

Let’s check that out…

We will show some examples that uses i18next as i18n framework. …

Let’s talk about internationalization (i18n) for Angular (not AngularJS, not Angular 2, just Angular 😉).

When it comes to JavaScript localization. One of the most popular frameworks is i18next. One of the most famous Angular extension for i18next is angular-i18next.
It was created back in April 2017 by Sergey Romanchuk.

So first of all: “Why i18next?”

i18next was created in late 2011. It’s older than most of the libraries you will use nowadays, including your main frontend technology (angular, react, vue, …).

➡️ sustainable

Based on how long i18next already is available open source, there is no real i18n case that could not be solved with…

It’s joyful to work with Vue.js. The design is elegant and the robust first-party additions which can be coupled with, make building browser apps a pleasure.

The most famous i18n plugin for the progressive JavaScript framework Vue.js is probably Vue I18n.

Kazuya, thank you for this great i18n plugin!

Overcoming the language barrier for users who use your software is an important topic.
English is no longer the universal language of the internet.
As of March 2020, only 25.9% of internet users were English speakers.
The chances are high that your users will skip past your website if non-localized.
Therefore, without a multilingual website you might missing out on a large share of potential users.

In the JavaScript ecosystem, there are a lot of internationalization frameworks. Here you can find some details about some JavaScript internationalization frameworks.
In this article, we will be using the i18next framework to internationalize a…

A lot of work may be virtual now, but that doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down! In fact, we spent the last months working on a new locize version with a bunch of fabulous updates. Here’s a run-down of some of the most important tweaks that make a huge difference.

Modernized UI

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents depicted in this story are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

An Introduction

This story is based on a true story of each of us. Over the past 10 years, many web developers have experienced such a journey. Starting from jQuery, passing through Angular, using React and streak Vue.

When reading, “darker areas” of the beginnings of single page applications (SPA) are undergone. …

Software Localization Monopoly

So you want people from all around the world to use and understand your software…

…but how to achieve that?

Which format should I use?

Think about the workflow of exporting strings of the software, having them translated and then importing them back into your software. This will give you many ideas on how to structure your strings.

Sometimes the used library already pretends a format.

For web projects for example this can be:

For mobile projects for example this can be:

For system apps for example this can be:

Following #i18n on twitter for a few weeks now I saw a steady stream of new i18n frameworks rising. Out of curiosity I took the time to make a quick lookup:

Over 300 packages found.

There are more i18n frameworks than todo app samples out there. Why on earth everyone is basically reinventing the wheel? Are i18n frameworks the new great thing — looking at the amount of stars getting over at github I guess no.

Very often, when you’re engrossed in the everyday work, you do not realize how easily your localization process could be improved.
For this reason, it is important to me to show you the following 8 warning signs you should look out for:

1. Waste of time

Are you mailing translation files around the world? Always struggling with this translation files?

Since I remember I have a deep attraction to water ecosystems (aquarium, paludarium, biotope, pond, etc…)
I like to observe the harmonic balance between water, plants and animals. I even love to hear the rippling of the water… without having to go to the toilet all the time. ;-)

Once upon a time…

When I was a child we had an aquarium, it was nice and relatively big.
It was really funny to see how everything was growing and how the fishes interacted with each other…
But after a while the annoying part of having an aquarium become bigger and bigger… the maintenance!!! …

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